A Few Words
From Our Patients

I couldn’t believe how much better I could hear. I realized how much I had been missing in conversations and general communication, especially the consonants. You explained the longer a person goes without hearing properly, the more the brain forgets. That really got my attention.

Sandra M.

Just want you to know how very pleased I am with my Widex hearing aids. I appreciate your valuable expertise and your patience and perseverance to get things right! Everyone at El Dorado Audiology has been great and so helpful.

Florence W.

I had been noticing since the beginning of the year that I was not hearing very well at work or socially. My reading of lips was not working for me anymore. El Dorado Audiology put me in digital hearing aids — I was so overwhelmed by how clearly I could hear her voice and my husband’s voice, I just started crying. I believe I’ve never been able to hear like that before. And of course, I would not leave without those wonderful hearing aids. On the way home, my husband was talking to me as I was looking out the car window. I heard every word he said without having to look directly at him. It was just priceless for me. I want everyone to know how effective digital hearing aids are and how they have increased my happiness. My life is so much more now that I can hear. I will always be grateful to El Dorado Audiology.

Debbie W.

It was a pleasure to be treated as a special person dealing with a hearing healthcare issue. Thank you El Dorado Audiology for the excellent attention.

Chuck T.

Although I had working hearing aids, at the age of 94, I decided to go for the new technology. You fitted me with a pair of Widex Inteo units, and what a revelation! I am now hearing sounds that I haven’t heard in years. My next attendance at a symphony concert became a special delight. In addition to the clarity, there is no feedback, nor am I bothered by background noise when I’m in a restaurant or other public place. I was also pleased by your friendly, professional and gracious service. All in all, it has been a very positive experience.

On this day, I watched an entire old-time movie and did not have to ask, ʻWhat did she say?’ Not one time... To those of you who have been annoyed with my hearing impairment, I heard your agitated tone of voice and saw the scowl on your face when I asked you to repeat something. I understood your irritation because my own frustration was at least 50 times more intense than yours. I had to ask people to repeat their words every day, all day, and even then, I didn’t always comprehend. Fortunately, this is no longer true. Today, I heard my cat Kaluha purring even before she jumped on the bed.