A Few Words
From Our Patients

El Dorado Audiology has my recommendation without question. Our consultant was a thorough, competent and warm person to work with. Right from the start, the hearing aids have worked perfectly. I have already made several referrals, and will happily continue to do so in the future.

Ray B.

I originally came to El Dorado Audiology on the recommendation of a friend who was very satisfied with her hearing aids and the attention she received there. El Dorado thoroughly explained the various programs and options available on the new hearing aids and helped me choose those best suited for me. I am in the process of adjusting to two hearing aids, and El Dorado is really helping me through the transition period. With the new hearing aids, I can hear most conversations directed at me and have noticed increased hearing ability when attending a movie.

Carol H.

El Dorado Audiology was able to answer all my questions about my hearing and my hearing aids. They understood my personal concerns and made me feel comfortable with my new experience. I have great confidence in them.

Andrea M.

For the past two years, I have had the good fortune of working with you to improve my hearing. It has greatly improved my quality of life. Now I can hear what is being said rather than simply smiling and nodding my head. You have been very professional in helping me and are always able to answer my questions, make any needed adjustments, and do so with a positive, friendly attitude. I especially appreciate the prompt manner in which you handled my appointments by being ready for me when I arrived so there was minimal waiting time. It is nice to go someplace where my time is appreciated. Thank you and keep up the good work. I would recommend you to anyone.

Jerry B.

I am amazed how easy it was to adapt to these new hearing aids and to be able to hear TV and phone calls better. It’s great! Your services have been outstanding. I also never had to wait to be seen for my appointments. That is unusual in medical offices. I would highly recommend El Dorado Audiology to anyone who just thinks they may have a hearing problem. You will be treated like a guest. No high pressure sales talk — just honest options.

Phyllis B.

I have had trouble hearing for a long time. My wife and my children were always complaining. I would say that I was just ignoring them, but the truth is I just didn’t hear them. Finally I admitted that I was going deaf so my wife called your office. I am grateful for your services. You are very patient, kind, gentle and professional. You took time to listen and advise me when I didn’t understand. It is great to be able to communicate with people without asking them to repeat. My conversations now make sense.

Joe R.