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More physicians refer their patients to EDA because we offer one of the most complete hearing tests and evaluations for FREE including:

HOW DOES YOUR AUDIOLOGIST STACK UP? Our Specialists in Hearing will thoroughly explain your test results and give you copies of your audiogram and results all for FREE.

Every hearing aid purchased from EDA includes our Complete Hearing Healthcare supplies and services plan to ensure you receive the very most from your devices. Premium level devices include the EDA Complete Hearing Healthcare plan for the lifetime of the devices.

With a wide range of devices available, our Experts in Listening will help you find the very best solution based on your lifestyle needs, hearing goals, and budget concerns.

Specialists in Hearing, Experts in Listening

We have one of the largest staffs of any hearing healthcare practice in Tucson with five full time providers including two audiologists. We also have a hearing aid technician as well as four other office team members to assist with insurance claims and paperwork so our providers can concentrate solely on patient care. Having such a large staff ensures someone is always available to help you. Same-day appointments are usually available. If you have a problem with your hearing aid, most of our office staff is also trained to assist with minor issues.

Carolyn Jaret, MS, CCC-A

Founder & Audiologist

Carolyn is the founder of El Dorado Audiology and one of the audiologists for the practice. She holds a Master’s in Audiology and a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology. She is also a member of several prestigious audiology associations and is on the board of directors for the Tucson Hearing Society.

Lou Cheek, AuD


Lou joined the EDA staff in 2015. She holds a Doctorate in Audiology and a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology, and she has been practicing since 1986. Lou founded Adobe Hearing Center in Tucson.

Laura Paz, HAD

Senior Hearing Instrument Specialis
Se habla Espanol

Laura joined EDA in 2009 and was personally trained by Carolyn to become a hearing specialists. Laura is one of the only bilingual hearing aid dispensers working in the Tucson area and helps to coordinate our outreach programs to the Spanish speaking community. She is a member of the AZ Hearing Healthcare Providers group.

Kathy O'Brian, BS, HAD

Hearing Instrument Specialist
& Communit Educator

Kathy joined EDA in 2015. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication and serves both as a hearing specialist and our community educator giving public talks, serving at local health fairs, and teaching the physician community about hearing loss. Kathy is a member of the AZ Hearing Healthcare Providers group.

Brittany Newland, BS, HAD

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Brittany joined EDA in 2016. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and is a member of the AZ Hearing Healthcare Providers group. She is also our staff photographer and manages our social media sites.

Kristina Islava

Hearing Aid Technician
& Office Administrator
Se habla Espanol

Kristina joined EDA in 2014. She formerly worked as a medical assistant. Kristina assists our dispensing staff with wax removal procedures and has been trained as a hearing aid technician that can trouble shoot a wide variety of hearing aid repairs. She also serves as our bilingual office administrator working on the front desk and handling insurance claims.

Shawna Bauer, BA

Business Administrator

Shawna joined EDA in 2015. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and is a business manager with more than 25 years of experience. She serves in our patient finance office, oversees our insurance claims, and handles the majority of business and HR related tasks as well as fixing computer problems and managing our marketing efforts.

Kristin Camacho

Marketing Coordinator
& Adminstative Assistant

Kristin joined EDA in 2016. She is our marketing coordinator and serves as an administrative assistant handling insurance claims and finance paperwork. Kristin handles the majority of our new patient phone appointments and paperwork and also serves at many of our local health fairs.

Barb Czerniak

Inventory Specialist

Barb joined EDA 2004 and has been on the staff longer than anyone except Carolyn. She organizes our large inventory of hearing aids and accessories and helps coordinate repairs, orders, and keeping supplies well-stocked for all our patients.


Patient Care Coordinator
& Adminstative Assistant

Shirley joined EDA in 2016. She serves on the front desk as well as handling supply orders and other administrative tasks for the office.