Widex Unique Passion

At Last... A Hearing Device You'll Be Excited To Wear!

We live in an increasingly noisy and busy world, and hearing loss affects more than 34 million people — including men and women in their forties and fifties. Even with only a mild hearing loss, you still might have trouble hearing the TV or radio and understanding what others are saying. The good news is that recent advances in hearing technology have created a variety of amplification devices — many of them inconspicuous and some quite fashionable.

The Widex UNIQUE Passion
Revolutionary digital technology in a tiny, stylish design and 12 colors

The Widex UNIQUE™ Passion, with precise Integrated Signal Processing (ISP) and Open-Fit Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) technology, improves your hearing in many sound situations. Become part of the conversation again. Get back into life with Passion™!

Widex Mind Hearing Aids in 12 Colors

Benefits of the Widex UNIQUE Passion:

  • Tiny size is virtually invisible behind the ear
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Great sound quality — no “stuffed up” feeling
  • Revolutionary Integrated Signal Processing (ISP) for excellent performance in noise
  • Automatically adjusts in noisy environments to help you hear and understand better
  • Sleek design available in 12 stylish colors
  • Fitted immediately — wear it home the same day!

Hand with Widex Hearing Aid

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little device!