Widex Unique CIC Micro

Small Size, Great Sound.

Widex UNIQUE CIC Micro
Completely-In-Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids

If you’re looking for a discreet hearing aid that looks good and delivers great sound, then look no further. The ultra small Widex UNIQUE™ CIC Micro is a hearing aid that doesn’t compromise on either. It’s one of the smallest hearing aids on the market and up to 30% smaller than traditional CIC (completely-in-canal) hearing aids.

Small size doesn’t mean small sound. The Widex UNIQUE™ CIC Micro uses technology proven to provide outstanding sound even in noisy situations, such as restaurants or sporting events.

The Widex UNIQUE™ CIC Micro is very easy to use, requiring no adjustments while in use. After your fitting, you simply turn it on and can forget that it’s even there. It’s that simple.

Is this your first time wearing hearing aids? The special Personal Acclimatization feature in the Widex UNIQUE™ CIC Micro makes it easy for first-time users to adapt to new sounds.

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