Oticon Opn

Connect To Your World
With The Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn™ connects directly to your iPhone® or iPad®, so your hearing aids function like stereo headphones when you talk on the phone or stream music directly into your hearing aids. Control volume and switch programs with just a tap of your finger. And you can easily transmit sound from a wide range of computers and tablets wirelessly via Bluetooth or mini jack cable.

Oticon Opn™ is the hearing aid customized exclusively for you. Your life. Your world. Your day takes you from one difficult hearing situation to another. Oticon Opn™ is customized to give you optimal performance. Its sound-processing architecture is our most advanced ever. Think of it as a micro-brain that works in harmony with your brain. Your personal hearing preferences are used by the Opn™ chip so you can differentiate sounds and hear with more clarity. Yet for all its sophistication, each Opn™ hearing solution begins with talking and listening.

Oticon Opn Benefits

  • Streams sound directly into your hearing aids from
    your iPhone® or iPad®
  • Customizable to the sounds in your life:
    Takes into account the way you live and enjoy
    your life and the qualities of sounds you prefer
  • Reduces the effort needed to listen and understand
  • Spectacular, clean, natural sound
  • Exceptional hearing of soft and distant speech
  • Incredible comfort
  • Outstanding technology to help you hear
    better at home, at work, on the phone, and
    listening to music and TV